“KOMAD” is a company making its way up in both the building and the real estate selling industry. Gaining experience throughout the years by being executives of residential and non-residential building, we decided to take a step into personal investments.

High Quality


Years of experience

Quality construction

Our history

For over 10 years, we have been proving that it is possible for the real estate market to have high-quality solutions!

Our experience taught us that in order to be successful we have to be dedicated, decisive and consecutive.
Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ desires by making use of state of the art architectural decisions and top-notch quality. We reach our goals by working with a team of experts and partners with enormous history of experience in the construction industry.
We are specialized in building residential, administrative and industrial buildings, and hotels, completing any following activities.
The feeling of satisfaction of our clients is what drives us to constant progressing.

Our mission

Our mission is every our client to be satisfied, to find a new home, office or investment opportunity.

Our vision.

\The “Building Luxury” team always do their best to look through the point of view of our customers. When we look at it as an investitor and construction company, we have a perfect view of the technical part and how to execute in the best possible way. But when we look through your eyes, we are able to see it as your future home or as top-tier investment. We completely understand what you are looking for and that is why every our property has functional space, parking place or a garage, perfect location and best possible construction quality.

Years expirience

Completed the object

Satisfy the customer


Our services

Top-tier quality in every detail.

Архитектурно проектиране

Архитектурни консултации. Предпроектни проучвания. Идейни разработки.  Архитектурно проектиране. Технически и работен проект по всички части за получаване на разрешение за строеж.


Строителство на жилищни сгради.  Строителство на ваканционни комплекси. Бизнес сгради. Производствени халета. Дървени и метални конструкции. Може да разгеледате част от реализираните проекти на фирмата тук.


Покупко-продажба  на  недвижими имоти, собствени инвестиции. Посредничество при предлагани от нашите доверени партньори недвижими имоти. Виж нашите имоти тук.

Interior design

Interior designInterior design is not only positioning everything in the living and common space, but also an emotion, matching the aesthetics of everything, including the people.

Furnishing your home

WE offer to furnish your home byby experts with years of experience behind their back. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.


We buy and sell real estate and personal investment. We guarantee excellent quality and safety.

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